ABAC Articles Archive

Since its Incorporation in 2004 ABAC has produced a series of articles which, taken in chronological order, record the key issues affecting the development of athletics in the UK over recent years. Initially the main subject of interest was who controlled the sport and where was it going? The subject of governance and the increasing funding of a central governing bureaucracy became the main issue. Articles produced by ABAC commented on plans to re-organise and reported on a changing and increasingly isolated management structure. Subsequently attention has focused on Government imposed targets and funding levels and the detrimental effects such changes have had on participation and performance levels. The question of falling officials and coach numbers remains an ongoing debate.

The aim of ABAC articles has been to counter misleading official public statements and other inaccurate information on the state of athletics as well as offering individuals and clubs the opportunity to voice views which would otherwise not receive the publicity they deserve.

In all cases the welfare of clubs and grass roots athletics has been the paramount driving force behind the articles produced by ABAC. Articles have been grouped into several sections to enable readers to research each of the various topics.