Fact Files

British Athletics Fact Files – The True State of the Sport


Fact File 1 - The Growth of Governance

Fact File 2 - Participation 11-15 years old

Fact File 3 - Participation 16-19 years old

Fact File 4 - Athletics at University

Fact File 5 - Participation 20-34 years old(less than 2,000 seniors competing regularly)

Olympic Stadium - Rob Whittingham says give it to Spurs!

Fact File 6 - Participation Clubs

Fact File 7 - European Championships

Fact File 8 - Coaches

Fact File 9 - Elite funded athletes

Olympic Stadium - An article by Charles Gaines

Fact File 10 - In this – the last of the 2011 Fact Files – we look at recent trends in performance and participation. Over the last 4 years the drop out rate for all track and field athletes has been 76.5%. And the data relating to young athletes is equally depressing.

Fact File 11 - U17 Athletes- Competition and Retention

Fact File 12Lottery Final

Fact File 13 - Lottery Inspired facilities

Fact File 14 - A Championship too far

Fact File 15Funded Athletes at the Olympics

Fact File 16Final Athletes in Leagues

Fact File 17- Under 17 athlete participation in Track and Field Leagues.

Fact File 17- Supplement

Fact File 18- Can athlete subscriptions fund England Athletics after Registration Fees are raised?

Fact File 19- An analysis of club membership for participants
at the English Schools Athletic Championships

Fact File 20- Coach Numbers

Fact File 21- The number of Officials licensed

Fact File 22- Coach numbers updated by Sport England

Fact File 23- Podium Funded Athletes’ performances at the 2013 World Championships

Fact File 24- No Olympic Legacy for track and field following mass exodus in 2013

Fact File 25- New changes to the weights of implements to be used in future field events will cost the sport more than £100,000 and for no good purpose.

Fact File 26- The number of Under 20 Women Track and Field Competitors.

Fact File 27- 2014 Funding awards to elite athletes continues to be a lottery

Fact File 28- Analysis of YDL Participation in 2014

Fact File 29- The performances of European and GB Track and Field athletes in 2014 compared to the rest of the World

Fact File 30- Cross Country numbers increase but at a cost to clubs

Fact File 31- 16 and over – 2014 track and field numbers

Fact File 32- Analysis of YDL Upper Age Group Week 1

Fact File 33- An analysis of male thrower numbers in 2015

Fact File 34- An analysis of youth and junior male thrower numbers in 2015

Fact File 35- An analysis of youth, junior and male hurdler numbers in 2015

Fact File 36- The decline in jumps numbers from 2010 to 2015

Fact File 37- Will young athletes finance clubs in the future?

Fact File 38- Track and Field Athlete drop-out rates 2014 to 2015.

Fact File 39- Senior Women Track and Field – The Real Numbers – Club by Club

Fact File 40-  Senior Women Track and Field – Number of appearances and standard of performances.

Fact File 41-  Track usage declines over the last 2 years.

Fact File 42-  Veteran Men Track and Field – Number of appearances.

Fact File 43-  Dropout rates for 30 to 34 year old track and field athletes.

Fact File 44-  2015 dropout rates for 20 to 29 year old women track and field athletes.

Fact File 45-  There has been a dramatic fall in male technical event athletes over the last 5 years. Is a lack of technical coaches to blame?

Fact File 46- UKA and P10 hide athlete numbers as they downgrade Top 100 targets. Click here to read the full facts in FF46

Fact File 47- As a follow up to FF46 we now look at the numbers of U 20 women achieving top 100 targets in technical events, click here for Fact File 47 which compares 2015 numbers with those of 2010.

Fact File 48- From April England Athletics will strictly enforce Athlete Registration.
There may be troubles ahead.

Fact File 49- In Fact File 49 we carry out the most in-depth study on male track and field veteran athletes so far undertaken.

Fact File 50- The growth in Governance.

Fact File 51- Senior athletes in a minority in the Southern League (SL)

Fact File 52- The decline in senior athlete numbers in County Championships.

Fact File 53- Fewer under 19 year old athletes now attend School Championships.

Fact File 54- Age Analysis of Southern Athletics League Competitors.

Fact File 55- Track and Field Participation 2009 – 2016.

Fact File 56- Participation trends for County Championships.

Fact File 57- Junior Men’s Throws.

Fact File 58- Men’s Distance Events.

Fact File 59- Commonwealth Games Medals for England.

Fact File 60- Improving Performance Targets.

Fact File 61- Drop Out Rates.

Fact File 62- GB Athlete numbers for the 2017 London World Championships and their medal chances.