ABAC original programme of work

Meetings have taken place with governing and funding bodies and ABAC has been invited to submit proposals based on the requirements and experiences of those working to deliver a schools to elite athletes development pathway.

At the same time ABAC is analysing the cost effectiveness of both UKA and AAA of England and aims to provide a detailed assessment of the financial performance of these organisations to ABAC members. The aim is to provide an in-depth review for the benefit of members who individually would find it difficult to access the prime data. Only by studying the past can we highlight good practice and at the same time avoid repeating mistakes.

ABAC wants an efficient low cost management structure for our sport with a much higher percentage of income flowing to the grass roots to encourage effective coaching and empower the volunteers who are needed to turn athletics in to a once again flourishing sport. Proposals for achieving this will be produced by ABAC following input from its members.




ABAC aims to produce proposals on ; new coaching structures, strengthening the present clubs structure, and improved competition structures for the next 10 years. Proposals will be costed and submissions made for the appropriate funding levels. It is recognised that a key imperative is to provide efficient operations superior to the present ones.


ABAC will pay particular attention to an all inclusive sport with the proper emphasis on road running both for serious and recreational participants. Top priority will be given to an analysis of proposals for a UK wide Registration Scheme.