Coaches, Officials & Insurance

Traditionally athletics has been the largest sport to rely almost exclusively on volunteers. Although ranked highly as an Olympic sport in reality lesser competition platforms attract little interest and do not generate revenue. This situation was tolerable when democracy ruled. Clubs could vote on matters affecting the sport and individual volunteers felt a commitment to support a common cause. The advent of new Government strategies resulted in clubs and volunteers losing their franchise. The Foster recommendations claimed that by submitting to a greater will clubs and the sport would benefit.

Not surprisingly the growth of well paid, over-staffed and bureaucratic governing bodies alienated many volunteers. This feeling was compounded by enforced changes to coaching and officials licensing procedures which further reduced the numbers of these essential volunteers. The reports in this section plot the deteriorating situation regarding the numbers of volunteers, culminating in more ABAC Fact Files which show that official Government figures grossly exaggerate the most recent levels of volunteer support.

This section also deals with the subject of insurance and several articles comment on the terms of insurance provided by UKA Ltd for member clubs, athletes and officials.