England Athletics 2013-2017 Funding Application

The un-redacted version of  The England Athletics 2013 – 2017 Funding Application

Background. In 2013 ABAC requested a copy of England Athletics Funding proposal for the 2013–2017 funding cycle. The initial request was refused due to claims of commercial sensitivity. An FOI request was then made and the document was eventually received. But over 90% of the content had been redacted, making it impossible to see what claims had been made regarding the success of the preceding 2009-2013 funding plan. Nor was it possible to check claims made in support of the 2013-2017 funding application.

Recently, following numerous attempts, an un-redacted copy has been received by ABAC. This document has 682 pages including supporting information contained in two Appendices.

The un-redacted document. The document has a main section consisting of 144 pages which outlines EA’s development plans and funding requests. Supporting the main text are two Appendices of 223 and 315 pages. These Sections are reproduced in this article.

Analysis of the proposal. ABAC will be commissioning Rob Whittingham to check the validity of many of the statistics used in the document. Such is the size of this task it will take considerable time and effort to verify many of the statements. Readers are requested to check subjects of particular interest to them and to pass comments using email to RW via the tops in athletics website using the following link

tops@topsinathletics.info. All contributions will be treated in the strictest confidence and not attributed.

There will also be forum posts on http://eightlane.org/forum/  and readers are invited to post comments.

The main document and Appendices for England Athletics 2013-2017 Whole Sports Plan  are reproduced in the following pages.

The EA 2018-2022 Funding Application. This application is now with Sport England and a funding decision is awaited. ABAC has requested a copy of this document but has been refused on the basis of commercial sensitivity. We shall continue to press for more openness.

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