ABAC ‘s letter to clubs on fees

Association of GB Athletics Clubs


Dear Club Secretary,                                                          29th Nov. 2012


EA Registration Fees planned increases


As you will be aware there is considerable concern throughout the clubs in England over EA’s intended increases in registration fees.

England Athletics will very shortly be holding “Road Shows” for the North, Midlands and South to put forward their plans to the clubs. Of course not all clubs are likely to attend or be able to attend.

If your club is unlikely to be at one of the “Road Shows” to voice your concern or your club’s decision on the increases and how they are to be collected, we would strongly suggest that you advise us as quickly as possible so that the collective views of as many of the clubs can be voiced before EA presents us all with a fait accompli!  Please respond by email to:


You may like to know that all ABAC member clubs can have their club’s rankings and athletes national rankings, listed for free on TOPS (www.topsinathletics.info) plus a link to their club’s own website.

(Your Sport, Your Voice, Your Future.)


Yours sincerely,

ABAC Committee



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