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To Mr C Jones, England Athletics Ltd.,

Dear Mr Jones,


I am writing to inform you that the management committee of Hercules Wimbledon AC has decided that we will neither support nor administer the collection of the increased registration fees that you recently announced.  We have two reasons for adopting this position:


1    EA has failed to provide any coherent justification for the increase.  We feel that you should be looking to reduce your costs instead.


2   It would be impractical for us to change our subscriptions in the timescale you have imposed without a great deal of trouble and expense.  Unlike you, we require the consent of our members before raising our rates.  In the normal course of events this would be voted on at our AGM in March 2013 and, if passed, would come into effect on 1 January 2014.  This would be a year later than you wish.


We deplore the fact that you have sought to impose this action without any prior consultation and we are shocked that you have shown so little understanding of the internal processes that drive most clubs.  Should you continue with your planned increase we will tell our members that in order to be registered they will need to pay the required amount directly to EA.  We suggest you put a facility in place to allow this before April 2013.


Yours sincerely,




Fred Green


Hon. Treasurer

Hercules Wimbledon AC



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