Foster Review Timetable

The timetable of events leading to a change in the management structure of athletics in England appears to be driven by the deadline of October 2005 set by Government/Foster as the date by which new plans must be agreed by all parties in order for the c£20million of legacy funding to be released.

Following the first round of road shows early in 2005 the Foster Board is refining plans which should be ready for promulgation at the end of May 2005 when further road shows are planned.

The aim is to get early agreement so an EGM of AAA of England can be held at the end of September 2005 at which clubs will be asked to vote it out of existence to be replaced by a new body English Athletics. It is essential that clubs consider the final proposals in an informed and in-depth manner. ABAC will distil the essential factors and make recommendations to its members.

The period from May to September 2005 will represent a crucial and last chance for clubs and individuals to have a meaningful say in the way the sport is to be organised and resourced in the years ahead. ABAC plans to be at the key tables representing the views of its members. Through unity there is strength.

Category: Governance